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Re: Un programme bat le champion d'Europe du jeu de go, 5-0

Publié : 04 oct. 2017, 11:41
par eatsalad
Oubliez les robots tueurs, le danger de l'IA viendra de nos propres biais :

Forget Killer Robots—Bias Is the Real AI Danger

"Giannandrea has good reason to highlight the potential for bias to creep into AI. Google is among several big companies touting the AI capabilities of its cloud computing platforms to all sorts of businesses. These cloud-based machine-learning systems are designed to be a lot easier to use than the underlying algorithms. This will help make the technology more accessible, but it could also make it easier for bias to creep in. It will be important to also offer tutorials and tools to help less experienced data scientists and engineers identify and remove bias from their training data."