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Intelligent Grappling


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Apres l'Intelligent Desing, voici l'Intelligent Grappling - pour expliquer pourquoi les objets tombent.




1. What is Intelligent Grappling (IG?)

Intelligent Grappling is the SCIENTIFIC Theory that Intelligent and Conscious Agents "push" things together. It is the only coherent theory that explains why things fall.

2. Doesn't gravity explain why things fall?

NO. Gravity only attempts to describe what objects do. It does not explain WHY they do them. It is that challenge that Intelligent Grappling is intended to meet.

3. Aren't there theories that explain why things fall?

NO. There are theories by atheists and secular humanists that TRY, but they all lead to crazy conclusions no human being has ever seen, like black holes and the so-called "Big Bang". Intelligent Grappling ONLY deals with the visible world.

4. Is Intelligent Grappling a scientific theory?

YES. Intelligent Grappling is the ONLY VIABLE THEORY fore why things fall. Physicists have tried for a hundred years to explain why things fall and THEY HAVE FAILED. It is time for a new theory, one backed up by all the evidence, to finally solve the question. IG is that theory.

5. Isn't "Intelligent Grappling" just another way of saying, "Angels push things around?"

NO. Intelligent Grappling says nothing at all about the nature or origins of the conscious agents that perform the actual act of

pushing and grappling. All IG says is that conscious agents are the cause of all apparent "gravitic" phenomenon.

6. In order to accept Intelligent Design, must I accept Intelligent

Grappling as well?

YES. Intelligent Design says that there is a non-naturalistic,
conscious designer at work at the biological level. Intelligent Grappling says that there is a non-naturalistic, conscious grappler at the physicial level. Accepting a naturalistic explanation for one phenomenon but a non-naturalistic explanation for another is a

philosophically corrupt position and we do not advocate it.


New Group Hopes To Break Monopoly On Gravity Theory

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